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"How to Gain Control Of Your Pounding, Extremely Painful, Dynamite-laden, Chronically Disabling and UNRELENTLESS Headache
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- Without Resorting to Pain Relief Drugs that can cause Side Effects and more health problems."

From the Desk of Sandra Kim Leong

Dear Friend,

Do you suffer from these headache symptoms?

“I can feel as if the blood vessels are bursting in my forehead”.

"The muscles, scalp and face tightened up, adding extreme painful pressure on my blood vessels and nerves. It was as if there was a metal band squeezing my brains out of my head".

"It's the usual symptoms that I've been having for 30 years now - impaired vision, nausea, hot and cold sweats and pounding headaches."

“I can feel another coming attack. It’s pusalting. It hurts on my right side of the brain. Oh no….it’s those flashing lights again. I think I am going to throw up.”

“It started about 3a.m. Once again, I was woken up from the burning sensation in my ear and neck. The last time it happened that way was one year ago. I then got out of bed. The pressure on the right side of my brain started building up. My head felt like it was going to explode. As the intensity of the pain rose, I alternated between swearing and crying. The pain was so excruciating that I thought I was going to die.”

If you have been experiencing some of the above symptoms, you are likely to have asked yourself: Will this ever go away?

My advice is don't suffer alone and unnecessarily anymore. There is really no need to feel as if no one understands your pain and be totally incapacitated by the poundings inside your head. You see what I'm about to reveal to you can possibly change your life.

The "Bomb" Inside Your Head Can Be Defused! In a Safe Manner, of course!

There are Proven ways and techniques to help you out of your pain. Best of all, these ways are COMPLETELY NATURALLY. This means that you eliminate having to go through horrible side effects that come with instant drug reliefs.

Here is my story. I used to get tension type headaches every time I get overly stressed. This happened pretty often throughout my life as I had no idea on how to cope with pressures. Each time under overt pressures, my headaches would rage in tandem. By then, my shoulders would be all tensed up and my head particularly heavy. My headache pains can last for a whole day and would be a frequent visitor during the period of stress. My relief each time? Tylenol.

On a greater scale of severity and frequency, my sister had been experiencing frequent migraine attacks for years. In addition, she also experienced menstrual migraines. She would get totally depressed just prior to and during her period of suffering. A typical period would stretch about 4-5 days. Needless to say, during this stretch, she had to lie in bed, in the dark and desperately trying to recover. Well, what about medication for her, you ask? Drug medication had failed many times to help her out of her pain. You can imagine how miserable and helpless she felt, with no knowledge on how to deal with the pains.

One fine day, I decided that enough was enough. A researcher by training, I set out to find out more information about headaches about a year ago. What started out as a mere quest became a full fledged study, as I became more interested in the topic.

I was startled by the little attention that headache disorders have received by the medical community and the public, despite it being common. Until very recently, most have failed to recognise that although chronic headaches are not life-threatening, they are disruptive and disabling.

Here are five FACTS that I gathered:

FACT #1:
Do you know that that the World Health Organisation (WHO) ranks migraine alone as the 19th among all causes of years lived with disability?

FACT #2:
More than 45 million Americans have a headache at least once. Headaches are the most common ailment afflicting 90% of most populations.

FACT #3:
There has been little research and studies done on the more pervalent Tension Type Headache and the more disabling (as compared to migraine) chronic daily headache. This is surprising as tension type headaches is reported by over 70% of headache sufferers.

FACT #4:
Headaches are often trivalised as they do not cause deaths or are contagious. Studies show that only half of all migraine sufferers have seen a doctor for headache-related reasons. Few know that migraine headache is actually a neurobiological disorder of the brain.

: Headache disorders impose a huge burden on sufferers including substantial personal suffering, impaired quality of life and financial cost. It is true that repeated attacks and the fear of the next one damage family, social and working life. For example, in the U.K., some 25 million working-or school-days are lost every year due to migraine alone.

“My boss is angry with me for calling in sick. He threatens to fire me for poor concentration, memory problems and taking too many days leave. I am really incapacited by my migrane but he does not understand.”

“My kids are afraid to approach me for fear that I am suffering from another migrane attack. My husband does not know whether to believe me or whether I am faking it, to get his attention. I am depressed not just by the migrane pain that I am suffering from but the strains in relationships that my migranes are causing me.”

”I am at a loss of what to do. I don’t know how to comfort him anymore. It’s been this way for many years now. He is incapacitated by the pain that he is going through. Each time he has a major attack, he has been crying, screaming and pulling his hair out. He can’t sleep and won’t sleep for fear that he will wake up with another headache. This is taking a big toll on my children and especially me.”

Because not much has been covered on headache disorders by the medical community, it is no wonder that you have been misunderstood and not been taken seriously by your loved ones, friends and boss.

What, then, have many headache sufferers done for treatment and prevention? Answer: Drugs. Instant reliefs to snuff out the pain.

In fact, headaches are one of the main reasons for aspirin use (Americans consume 80 billion tables of aspirin a year). In addition to easily available over-the-counter medication, doctors may prescribe a variety of drugs for pain relief. These range from analgesics, narcotics, antidepressants, ergotamine derivatives and anti-migrane drugs to beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers.

This brings me to Fact #6.

FACT #6: Excessive consumption of pain killers increase your chance of getting rebound headaches and other side effects. If you use medications frequently, your body gets accustomed to them. Soon, it gets less and less effective. Thus, taking headache pain relief is not a long term viable option.

With these facts, I was determined to find a natural treatment. I realised that I was not alone in seeking this path. According to an online survey conducted by National Headaches Foundation, about 58% of headache sufferers have tried an alternative therapy or means to stop their headache.

I also found out that what works for one may not neccessarily work for another. Afterall, everyone responses differently to the same triggers - be it food, stress, pollution, etc. That's where the book that I started to compile come in.

You will learn not just one, two or three but 40 highly effective therapies and techniques. This arsenal of knowledge will help you stop the enemy in its tracks - the enemy that has been taking your life hostage for years!

Included are also some practical measures that you can use straightaway if you have a pounding headache going on.

Here is what the book covers (a total of 125 pages):

Is your headache pain real and legitmate? Dispel the myths and misconceptions that you have been having about headache pain and take comfort that your illness is real. Read the stats. (Part II Chapter 2).

What type of headache are you having? This chapter will also end your confusion about the type of headache that you have been experiencing. Knowing the type of headache that you have is key to finding the right treatment for it. (Part II Chapter 5).

What is the real cause of your headache? Knowing the real cause of your headache can help you understand why a non-drug treatment may just work! (Part II Chapter 5 and Chapter 6).

What types of relaxation techniques is most useful for stress-triggered headache disorders? (Part V Chapter 11).

What food triggers your headache? Get a comprehensive list of food that increases your risk of getting a headache. This is key to headache prevention. (Part V Chapter 12.1).

Which vitamins and supplements are neccessary for continued care? (Part V Chapter 12.2).

What are menstrual headaches and what can do you about them? (Part V Chapter 13.3).

Which aromatherapy oils and blends should you be using for your headache? (Part V Chapter 15.2).

Which herbal remedy should you use for your migraine headaches? (Part V Chapter 15.3)

Which form of massage therapy works directly on the head for your headaches? (Part V Chapter 16.1).

Which energy healing method is fast gaining popularity in healing your headaches? (Part V Chapter 16.5).

How getting needles poked into you based on an ancient Chinese system of healing can possibly stop and prevent headache pains effectively? (Part V Chapter 16.6).

Which little known treatment is great for cluster headaches? Cluster headaches can be excruciatingly painful. Use this little known treatment that has been shown to help alleviate your pain. (Part V Chapter 16.9).

What exercises you can do to avoid eyestrain? More and more of us are spending time in front of the PC. Long hours can cause eye strain. Use simple DIY exercises to alleviate your headaches. (Part V Chapter 19).

How do you choose a Natural Health practitioner? When you choose a practitioner who practices an alternative medicine discipline, that decision can be complicated by the lack of licensing procedures and governing bodies. Learn how to select one for your needs. (Part VII Chapter 25).

And much much more!


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New book helps you get out of bed, rid yourself of depression caused by a disabling headache and get on with your life.

Immeasurable Lifetime Benefits that you will find with the Natural Headache Remedies book:

Relief from the suffering that you have been experiencing for years.

Many have experienced a decrease in the severity of their headaches when they apply the techniques or the therapies mentioned in this book. It is possible that you can experience the same too. The idea is that don't let the headaches take control of your life! You have to be the one taking control of your health and life!

No More Headaches Improved Work Situation.
You will not be labelled as "lazy" by your boss due to having to take leave at short notice.
(Alternatively, you can also choose to buy the book for your boss to educate him or her on this brain disorder).

Improved Relationships.
There will be no need to distance yourself or feel depressed due to your disabling headaches.

(FACT #6: It has also been established that depression is three times more common in people with migrane or severe headaches than in healthy individuals.)

Improved Quality of Life.
No more lying down in the middle of the day, last minute cancellation of appointments, missing out on important family get-togethers.

Improved Wellness.
With an increased ability to prevent and treat your headaches naturally, your sense of wellness will improve.

Using natural methods, my sister in particular have not only reduced the number of headache attacks but reduced the severity of each attack, when it happens. She is less prone to feelings of self-pity and depression, and have since cancelled fewer of her appointments. She now spends more time with her friends and family and is more productive at work. In short, she is definitely leading a happier life.

Her results were not unusual. In fact, it has been shown that people who gained control of their headaches become more contented. They understand what they can or cannot do about their headaches. They learn to accept that the part that is not in their control - migraines is a biological disorder of the brain - that predisposes them to having headaches.

These people learn to take responsibility for their own treatment, whatever they can do to help themselves achieve optimum health. Learning to take responsibility includes finding out natural treatments that aids in their overall wellness and reducing their dependence on drugs and medications.

You can do the same too - if you are armed with the information found in the Natural Headache Remedies ebook. Just imagine an arsenal of practial tips and advice to help you gain control of your headaches. Don't let another day pass without taking charge of your well-being and life!

Here are two added incentives for you to purchase the book:

- There is a 56-days 100% money-back guarantee included. This means that you virtually have zero risk in the purchase.

- The book is available as an instant download. Order it online and get the book delivered to your PC immediately.

56-days, rock solid, money back guarantee!

Get your own copy of "Natural Headache Remedies" and take a full 60 days to read everything. If you change your mind and decide that you are not 100% thrilled with the amazing amount of information in it, I absolutely insist that you ask for a refund!

Plus, you can keep the book and the bonus reports, no questions asked!

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Bonus #2: eBook on "How to Manage Stress for Headache Relief and Healthy Living" (worth $27)

Stress triggers are a major factor leading to most headache disorders. About 90% of tension type headaches are caused by stress.

However, it is impossible to eliminate stressful factors in the environment altogether. What you can do is to learn how to respond to them in a way that do not cause a negative body reaction.

Learn extra techniques from this 36-page ebook on how to manage stress. Improve your health and wellness by following the tips in this report.

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May you experience headache-free days ahead,

Sandra Kim Leong

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